Come and meet us at the upcoming events.

Come and meet us at the upcoming events.

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AMSilk - Making smart biotech materials for everday life
08 Feb 23

Structural proteins for the development of sustainable materials

Creating a better future with biotechnology - this vision is shared by BRAIN Biotech AG (BRAIN Biotech), a leader in the development and manufacture of bio-based solutions and products for industry, and AMSilk GmbH (AMSilk), the world's first industrial supplier of innovative biomaterials for more sustainable applications in the textile, medical and consumer goods industries.

02 Nov 22

AMSilk Invited to Participate in VISION 2045 Summit

Leaders from across the world will convene at VISION 2045 Summit which takes place alongside COP27 (the U.N. Climate Change Conference) in November. AMSilk will be attending and participating in a panel discussion at the Vision 2045 Summit on 'Commerce and Industry: What's Next?'

01 Jul 22

AMSilk Announces Plans to Scale-up Production

AMSilk, a world leader in supplying innovative high-performance bio-based silk materials, today announces plans to scale-up production capacity by several thousand tons a year and expand its production network outside of Europe.