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AMSilk GmbH, headquartered in Neuried near Munich, is the world’s first industrial supplier of smart biotech materials based on silk proteins. We are a team of more than 70 ambitious and talented individuals from a variety of interdisciplinary backgrounds who are pushing boundaries in the field of bio-based materials. As an innovation-driven company we are dedicated to developing breakthrough technologies for the production and commercialisation of next generation materials
AMSilk: Advanced materials based on silk proteins.

Our vision

Society stands at a tipping point. We are experiencing an unprecedented need to change the way we think and act. The increased integration of sustainable, non-fossil-based products into our everyday lives is an important step for the future.
AMSilk is a major player in this transformation. Our goal is to provide intelligent bioengineered materials for everyday life – made from renewable raw material based on silk proteins which are completely biodegradable.

Our vision is simple: Making smart biotech materials part of everyday life.

Leading the change with our bio-engineered materials

Making smart biotech materials part of everyday life - AMSilk in munich

Our heritage

In 2008 the founders of AMSilk started with the idea to make spider thread available in industrial quantities. Spider silk is one of the most fascinating materials on earth: two and a half times stronger than steel, and extremely versatile. However, farming natural spider silk has unfortunately not proven to be scalable. The key to sucess is using biotechnolgy. AMSilk was one of the prime movers to invent large structural proteins for products that can replace other chemical products or products of animal origin and has developed a bioengineered process to produce complex proteins in large bio-industrial plants. Since then we have grown from a start-up into a well-established, reputable industry partner.

prime mover to invent large structural proteins

Our heritage - Making smart biotech materials part of everyday life - AMSilk in munich
AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life


AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life

100% biodegradable

AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life


AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life


AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life

Safe for the human body

Our Values

AMSilk - Together we will make a true change in your industry

The heartbeat of our company. We unlock ground-breaking potential by combining creativity, scientific excellence, and the highest standards. Every idea is valued, driving us to even better solutions & delivering world-changing products.

AMSilk - Together we will make a true change in your industry

Customer Orientation
We help our customers make a difference to their industries. With our bioengineered protein technology we support our customers to make the planet a better place by replacing petroleum and animal derived products with our plant-based innovations.

AMSilk - Together we will make a true change in your industry

We create value based on sustainable growth. We strive to be a global leader and extend our bioengineered protein technology into multiple industries and applications. We believe in the value of long-term relationships.

AMSilk - Together we will make a true change in your industry

We take full responsibility for our decision, actions and results!We are committed to protecting the environ-ment and are responsible corporate citizens. We strive for the highest stan
dards of personal conduct. Fairness and integrity guide our behavior.

AMSilk - Together we will make a true change in your industry

Teamwork is our key to success! We are devoted to the well-being and personal development of our em-ployees. We reject dis-crimination and harass-ment, promote inclusive-ness and a multi-cultural environment to enrich our culture and skills.

Our management philosophy

AMSilk’s management team consists of experienced executives with deep and broad experience. Including the brightest minds in science who helped invent biotech silk proteins as well as experienced industry and finance executives. We are driving the change to better and more sustainable products and it is our goal to make the world’s best and most sustainable bioengineered accessible to everyone.


AMSilk - Leadership - Ulrich Scherbel CEO

Ulrich Scherbel

After studying textile chemistry, Ulrich Scherbel has acquired more than 25 years of global expertise in performance textiles. He has held various positions in multinational companies in the areas of business development, sales, operations and general management. Prior to joining AMSilk, he served as General Manager Global Apparel Division at Freudenberg Performance Materials, one of the leading global companies in the field of innovative textiles.
Ulrich Scherbel joined AMSilk in 2020 and was appointed CEO of AMSilk in 2021. While he continues to drive business growth, he started to lead the strategic expansion into new industries and applications.
Scherbel’s vision is that AMSilk’s biotechnology and protein products shall continue to encourage our customers to change to better and more sustainable products in their industries. This generates enduring change for customers and consumers, while taking AMSilk to a new level.

AMSilk - Leadership - Arne Treinies CFO

Arne Treinies

Arne Treinies, CFO of AMSilk since September 2021, is an experienced finance executive. He studied International Economics and Business Sciences in Austria and Mexico, and gained a Masters in Finance from ESCP Europe. Treinies started his career at Ernst & Young in Audit and Transaction Advisory before joining the Boston Consulting Group, where he focused on Due Diligence and M&A projects.
Prior to joining AMSilk, Treinies was CFO of Invincible Brands Group, an E-commerce Brand Incubator. In 2020, he successfully contributed to the partial integration of the Berlin-based startup into the publicly listed Henkel Group.
Arne Treinies is passionate about establishing the Company’s Finance function as a business -partner in order to accelerate the scale-up of AMSilk with excellence in finance and in supply chain processes.

AMSilk - Leadership - Klaus Kjeldal CPO

Klaus Kjeldal

Klaus Kjeldal, Chief Production Officer (CPO) and Managing Director (MD) joined AMSilk in 2022 with more than 25 years’ of biotechnology experience in global operations and holds a degree in chemical engineering (B.Sc.) from the Danish Technical University in 1985, and Bachelor of Commerce at Copenhagen Business School.
Kjeldal was most recently Head of Enzyme Operations at BASF and has previously worked for DSM and Novozymes, leading global operations and manufacturing. Having worked across Europe, the US and Asia, Kjeldal has considerable experience in global operations and brings a deep understanding of product development, engineering, process improvements and contract manufacturing.
Klaus Kjeldal will lead the scale-up of AMSilk’s protein production with existing CMOs, develop and implement AMSilk’s strategy for protein production, including the development of new CMOs worldwide.

Advisory Board

Dr. Wolfgang Colberg - AMSilk Advisory Board - Chairman

Dr. Wolfgang Colberg
Industrial Partner

Michael Motschmann - AMSilk Advisory Board - Vice Chairman

Michael Motschmann
Vice Chairman
General Partner and member of the Executive Board at MIG Fonds

Daniel Kolb - AMSilk Advisory Board - Advisory Board Member

Daniel Kolb
Advisory Board Member
Direct Investments at ATHOS KG

Anders Bendsen Spohr - AMSilk Advisory Board - Advisory Board Member

Anders Bendsen Spohr
Advisory Board Member
Senior Partner at Novo Holdings A/S

Marcus Remmers - AMSilk Advisory Board - Advisory Board Member

Marcus Remmers
Advisory Board Member
Partner at Novo Holdings A/S

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Sustainable partnerships

Our goal is to build long-term partnerships. Together with our customers we develop joint visions and clearly define the roles of all stakeholders, enabling us to build sustainable business models that add maximum value for both parties.

We care about every customer in our partnership network and warmly welcome all new clients.

Our business model is based on collaboration

Innovation needs collaboration - Partnership with AMSilk

Supply Network

Through our focus on open innovation, we have built up a strong and resilient supply network and work with world-leading production partners in accordance with the highest quality standards. We have made it our priority to build trusting relations and to establish long-term supply agreements with our partners, and are currently extending our supply network. Please get in touch if you would like to support us with protein or fiber production.

Become a long-term supplier

Innovation needs collaboration - Partnership with AMSilk

Scaling up into a world leading provider for structural proteins

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