Our business is based on collaboration

We can help you to make a difference in your industry. Our partners can choose from a wide variety of silk products as well as customized collaboration models in line with their specific needs. Please contact us to discover our collaboration models.

  • Partnership

    Rapid launch of pre-developed range

  • Preferred Partnership

    Customization based on existing silk proteins

  • Strategic Partnership

    New tailor-made silk proteins


Together, we determine the best technical solution for our partners’ needs from the AMSilk product range. AMSilk offers a range of world-class silk polymer products and licenses and we also assist our partners with information and branding. We are here for you!

Our customers are our partners

Preferred Partnership

For partners with special requirements, AMSilk offers a preferred partnership agreement with shared R&D and customized products and services based on our silk proteins.

Customized products for our partners’ needs

Strategic Partnership

Collaborating in a strategic partnership serves the needs of partners who are leaders in their industry and require tailor-made products with their own dedicated silk protein. AMSilk and the partner enter into strategic long-term collaboration with the goal of breaking down limitations and boundaries.

Making a difference together with dedicated silk proteins

Our biotech silk materials that will change your industry


Our sustainable, high-performance textile solutions are recyclable and 100% biodegradable.


Our advanced, safe and biocompatible biotech materials improve surgical results as well as patients’ lives.

AMSilk Materials

The fiber and medical fields are just two examples of the many diverse areas of application across various industries.

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