Meet us at Pitti Filati (25. – 27. June 2024) and Première Vision (2. – 4. July 2024)!

Meet us at Pitti Filati (25. – 27. June 2024) and Première Vision (2. – 4. July 2024)!

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AMSilk - Media Relations


Zusammenarbeit von BRAIN Biotech und AMSilk

Die BRAIN Biotech AG, Anbieter von Lösungen für die Biologisierung der Industrie, und die AMSilk GmbH, Spezialist für hochentwickelte Materialien auf Seidenproteinbasis, haben die erste Phase einer Entwicklungskooperation erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

By Holger Garbs

05. Mar 24

Spider Silk is Woven Into the Future of Sustainability

Often referred to as nature-inspired innovation or bio-inspired design, biomimicry draws inspiration from the natural world to solve problems and power scientific advancement, specifically from the remarkable structures, processes, and systems found in living organisms and ecosystems.

By Gabrielle David

06. Feb 24

Wie die Modeindustrie endlich nachhaltig werden könnte

Vegan, recycelt, schadstoffarm: Der Anteil an nachhaltigen Fasern für Kleidungsstücke steigt. Gleich mehrere Start-ups forschen dabei um die Führungsrolle. Das Problem ist allerdings der Preis.

Please note: We’d like to clarify a point mentioned in the article: In our production process, we work with trusted contract partners, and at the moment, we do not have our own production facility nor do we plan to have any in the short term.

By Handelsblatt

29. Jul 23

Fibres of the future – How is science combating fashion’s sustainability problem?

From synthetic sweaters to stretch-fit sportswear, the fossil-based components found in the clothes we wear present an ecological nightmare for the planet and for our consciences. By developing new, renewable, wood and plant-based fibres to replace the petroleum-based ones, scientists are setting a new trend for the world of fashion. Let’s take a closer look at three of these futuristic fibres.


19. Jun 23

Nachhaltige Mode im Sommer 2023: Diese Fair Fashion Labels sind total angesagt!

Fashion, but make it fair! Zum Glück wacht auch die Modewelt langsam auf und es gibt immer mehr Marken, die sich auf nachhaltige Mode fokussieren. Indem ihr in Sachen Mode auf gewisse Dinge achtet, könnt auch ihr dabei helfen, die Umwelt zu schützen – und es ist gar nicht schwer! Wir verraten euch, was ihr beachten solltet und wo ihr 2023 nachhaltig Mode shoppen könnt.

By Prosieben

08. Jun 23

How synthetic biology could develop to improve supply chain resilience

But close your eyes for a moment and dream. What if we could grow cost-effective and sustainable solutions to many of these crises using the same technology we’ve used to brew beer for millennia… with a modern twist? Renewable energy, carbon dioxide as feedstock and a few subtle tweaks to the cellular cocktail of life.


13. Jun 23

AMSilk, world’s first industrial supplier of environmentally friendly silk biopolymers

AMSilk aims to expand the use of its vegan, biodegradable, recyclable, and biocompatible products, minimizing their reliance on the planet’s natural resources. AMSilk’s primary material of spider silk is biocompatible, chemically and mechanically robust. Our recent interaction with Ulrich Scherbel, CEO of AMSilk, talks about the company’s innovative bio-fabricated silk material, its features, applications, and the company’s future plans.


16. Mar 23

Biotech pioneers to partner on protein fibres

German biotechnology companies Brain Biotech and AMSilk have announced a strategic collaboration to develop high-performance bio-based protein fibres for the textile industry.

By Tevonews

08. Feb 23

Biotech pioneers to partner on protein fibres

German biotechnology companies Brain Biotech and AMSilk have announced a strategic collaboration to develop high-performance bio-based protein fibres for the textile industry.

By Ecotextile

08. Feb 23

Biofabrikation – Werkstoffe der Zukunft

Nachwachsende Rohstoffe wie pflanzliche Fasern, Mikroalgen, Pilzmyzelien oder Bakterien und organische Reststoffe aus der Lebensmittelindustrie wie Hülsen und Schalen können mittlerweile durch technische Verfahren in innovative und voll funktionsfähige Werkstoffe umgewandelt werden.

By bayern design

21. Dec 22


Interview with Ulrich Scherbel

AMSilk GmbH is the world’s first industrial supplier of bio-fabricated materials based on silk proteins. AMSilk’s materials provide the same unique functional properties of the natural product they are based on. Being vegan, completely biodegradable and solely produced with renewable resources, the biopolymers combine performance aspects with an unrivalled ecological assessment.

By technicaltextile

30. Nov 22

AMSilk Relocate Offices to Support Expansion Plans

AMSilk GmbH (“AMSilk”), a world leader in supplying innovative high-performance bio-based silk materials, announces its relocation to a new biotech lab and office space covering more than 2000m2 on the recently constructed Campus Neuried in Munich, Germany, to support its expansion into production networks outside of Europe.

By pharmiweb

20. Oct 22

Food tech: satisfying investors’ appetite for growth?

Food tech: satisfying investors’ appetite for growth? Interesting initiatives are emerging — especially in Asia. Amid all the noise in the markets you might have missed a small news item that an eagerly-anticipated new fund launch had been “paused”

By Financial Times

19. Oct 22

The future of sustainable textiles

CEO, Ulrich Scherbel talks to C&EN about how the team at AMSilk are rethinking textiles – their passion for reducing the impact on the environment and making AMSilk’s products accessible to everyone.

By American Chemical Society

15. Jun 22

Focus for Bio-industries is How to Scale Up, Commercialise Innovations and Get Funding

AMSilk’s products are environment friendly and make a significant contribution to a future zero-waste society. Ulrich Scherbel, Managing Director at AMSilk, the world’s leading supplier of innovative high-performance biotech materials, talks to about how he aims to make smart performing biotech materials part of everyday life.

By Texfash

08. Aug 22

Protein fibers with great potential

“AMSilk, the German biotechnology company, develops and supplies smart bio-fabricated silk materials for use in everyday life.”

The interview was conducted by the team of TextileTechnology and published in Chemical Fibers International 2/2022

By Chemical Fibers International

23. May 22

Nature has all the answers

AMSilk’s smart bio-fabricated silk materials based on natural spider silk proves nature really does have all the answers to make smart biotech materials a part of everyday life.

By Textile Technology

23. Mar 22

The State of Fashion 2020

US-based Bolt Threads, Germany’s AM Silk and Japanese textile research company Spiber have used fermentation techniques to engineer artificial silk proteins and fibres.

By McKinsey Deutschland

01. Jan 22

Synthetic spider silk: positive spin

…to cosmetics, silk proteins help create a protective barrier around the skin. Spider silk manufacture is an example of synthetic biology, a fast-growing branch…

By Financial Times

01. Jan 20

Aircraft construction is being transformed

Work on it is still at an experimental stage. But Airbus is collaborating with AMSilk, a German biotechnology firm, to develop silk-reinforced materials.

By The Economist

30. May 19