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16.Nov 21

Vegan silk for industrial production

IZB interview Dr. Ulrich Scherbel, Managing Director at AMSilk, on its industrial production of vegan silk biopolymers.

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Focus for Bio-industries is How to Scale Up, Commercialise Innovations and Get Funding

AMSilk’s products are environment friendly and make a significant contribution to a future zero-waste society. Ulrich Scherbel, Managing Director at AMSilk, the world’s leading supplier of innovative high-performance biotech materials, talks to about how he aims to make smart performing biotech materials part of everyday life.

By Texfash

08. Aug 22

Protein fibers with great potential

“AMSilk, the German biotechnology company, develops and supplies smart bio-fabricated silk materials for use in everyday life.”

The interview was conducted by the team of TextileTechnology and published in Chemical Fibers International 2/2022

By Chemical Fibers International

23. May 22

Nature has all the answers

AMSilk’s smart bio-fabricated silk materials based on natural spider silk proves nature really does have all the answers to make smart biotech materials a part of everyday life.

By Textile Technology

23. Mar 22

The State of Fashion 2020

US-based Bolt Threads, Germany’s AM Silk and Japanese textile research company Spiber have used fermentation techniques to engineer artificial silk proteins and fibres.

By McKinsey Deutschland

01. Jan 22

Synthetic spider silk: positive spin

…to cosmetics, silk proteins help create a protective barrier around the skin. Spider silk manufacture is an example of synthetic biology, a fast-growing branch…

By Financial Times

01. Jan 20

Aircraft construction is being transformed

Work on it is still at an experimental stage. But Airbus is collaborating with AMSilk, a German biotechnology firm, to develop silk-reinforced materials.

By The Economist

30. May 19

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