Come and join us.

Join us on our journey to make the best sustainable biomaterial products accessible to everyone. We are a team of motivated, ambitious and talented individuals from a variety of interdisciplinary backgrounds including engineering, science, business development and finance.

We are AMSilk

At AMSilk we are pushing boundaries in the field of bio-based materials – why not join us on our journey?
We encourage and reward high performance and strive for excellence together. We firmly believe in the value added by every single person to our diverse team: every idea and contribution is valued, driving us to even better solutions. The secret behind our innovation is our people – we’re are devoted to your well-being and personal development.

We promote inclusiveness and a multicultural environment in which employees work together in teams to enrich our culture and skills. Fairness and integrity guide our behavior and we show understanding and respect in dealing with other.

To cut a long story short: we’d love to have you in our team!

Scaling up into a world leading provider for structural proteins - AMSilk - Smart biotech materials for everday life

Together we will make a true change

We inspire and empower private organisations to be self-committed to sustainability, through strong governance, partnerships and networks along the supply chain. We can help you to make a true change in your industry. Our protein technology platform also offers many other exceptional innovations for a broad spectrum of applications including fibers, sprayable formulations, hydrogels and silk powders. We can customize a solution that is perfect for your specific industry needs.

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Working life at AMSilk

Our office complex in Neuried is built in the southwest of Munich, close to the A95 and A96 highways with an optimal connection to the Munich subway (Fürstenried West). This top location combines both biotech and medical companies. Experience the true change our company makes. We’re evolving together and celebrating new ideas.

AMSilk GmbH, Anna-Sigmund-Str. 1 – 3, 82061 Neuried / Munich, Germany.

Find the perfect job for you

At AMSilk, our diversity is our strength. We come from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. And when we’re developing products for everyone, it’s important that everyone is included in the process. That’s why we’re committed to treating all applicants fairly and equally, and to accommodating any special requirements.