AMSilk - Innovative, performant, sustainable biopolymer silk
AMSilk - Innovative, performant, sustainable biopolymer silk

Our silk protein materials help solve the world’s challenges

Innovative. Smart-Performance. Sustainable.

Why AMSilk?

Our world stands at a tipping point. We are experiencing an unprecedented need to change the way we think and act. Society has embraced biotechnology and the increasing integration of sustainable, non fossil-based products into our everyday lives is an important step for the future. AMSilk is a major player on the path of this transformation. We believe nature offers better alternatives to existing materials using previously unimaginable biological technologies. Our goal is to provide intelligent biotech materials – based on renewable raw material, biodegradable, fully recyclable, with a lower carbon footprint, and superior performance to the petroleum-based, animal-based or other natural alternatives.

Advanced bio-performance materials for a sustainable future.

We want to lead the change in the new era of biotech materials

Scaling up into a world leading provider for structural proteins - AMSilk - Smart biotech materials for everday life

Our bioengineered silk proteins will change your industry


Our sustainable, smart-performance biotech produced materials are recyclable and fully biodegradable.


Our advanced, safe and biocompatible biotech-produced materials based on silk-based proteins are driving bio-medical developments.

Growth Applications

The fiber and medical fields are just two examples of the many diverse areas of application across various industries.

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Scaling up into a world leading provider for structural proteins

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Innovation needs collaboration

We’ll help you to make a difference in your industry: Collaboration is in our DNA. We offer various collaboration possibilities including existing non-customized products, which enable our partners to make an impact in their industry. Alternatively, clients can opt to become a preferred partner developing customized products on the basis of our silk-based proteins in joint R&D projects. We also offer a strategic partnership model with industry leaders for the joint development of tailor-made products based on dedicated silk-based proteins.

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