AMSilk - Innovative, performant, sustainable biopolymer silk
AMSilk - Innovative, performant, sustainable biopolymer silk

Our biopolymers solve the world’s challenges

Innovative. Performance. Sustainable.

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changing lives

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative high-performance biotech materials and a well-established, reputable industry partner, we are passionate about making our products accessible to everyone.

Not only can our environmentally-friendly, sustainable silk biopolymers be fully recycled, they are also 100% biodegradable, biocompatible and extremely versatile thanks to their extraordinary mechanical and biochemical properties.

Changing lives is our business

Our biotech silk materials that will change your industry


Our sustainable, high-performance textile solutions are recyclable and 100% biodegradable.


Our advanced, safe and biocompatible biotech materials improve surgical results as well as patients’ lives.

AMSilk Materials

The fiber and medical fields are just two examples of the many diverse areas of application across various industries.

01 Jul 22

AMSilk Announces Plans to Scale-up Production

AMSilk, a world leader in supplying innovative high-performance bio-based silk materials, today announces plans to scale-up production capacity by several thousand tons a year and expand its production network outside of Europe.

AMSilk – closing the loops

We are the world’s leading supplier of biotech silk materials. With our proprietary technology platform, we want to lead the change to better and more sustainable products in the new era of biomaterials. Our products have already made an impact: together with our partners we have brought numerous products to the global market in the field of cosmetics and textiles.

We are a team of motivated, ambitious and talented individuals from a variety of interdisciplinary backgrounds who are pushing boundaries in the field of bio-based materials. Together is a core value for us and our business model is based on collaboration.

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We bring circular economy to your products

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