by nature

We are closing the green loop with industrial biotechnology and give answers to the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

AMSilk believes nature has all the answers – we provide spider silk performance protein materials through bio-technology

AMSilk Fiber turns man-made proteins into fibers for commercial textiles.

AMSilk Fiber started producing Biosteel® fiber in 2015: the very first high-performance fiber with true environmental integrity.

Our fiber is converted into fabric using standard and existing textile manufacturing equipment. Our brand partners enable us to access a broad consumer base across diverse industries and applications.
We strive for continuous innovation with true environmental integrity.







biofabricate textiles

Together with market leaders such as AIRBUS and OMEGA as well as with leading premium brands in the footwear and automotive sectors, we constructed the first ever prototypes shown in the public domain. Our Biosteel® product made of biotech vegan silk-based fiber was also the first ever to be presented to the market.

Nature identical silk – 100% bio­degrad­able

The fully recyclable AMSilk fibers are made using biotechnology and are petroleum free. The fibers are fully biodegradable. This process works well under aerobic conditions as well as under marine conditions, leaving no micro plastic residue.
Like natural silk, our fibers feel smooth and soft on the skin, and offer moisture management properties for enhanced comfort.
The production of AMSilk fibers is cruelty free and certified vegan.

AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life

100% biodegradable
Aerobic and under marine conditions

AMSilk fiber - As comfortable as silk Moisture management

As comfortable as silk
Moisture management

AMSilk fiber - Wide comfort range Microclimate control

Wide comfort range
Microclimate control

AMSilk fiber - Lightweight and high-performance

and high-performance

AMSilk fiber - Native bacteriostatic Odor resistant

Native bacteriostatic
Odor resistant

Innovation needs collaboration

We’ll help you to make a difference in your industry

Collaboration is in our DNA. We offer various collaboration possibilities including existing non-customized products, which enable our partners to make an impact in their industry. Alternatively, clients can opt to become a preferred partner, developing customized products on the basis of our silk proteins in joint R&D projects. We also offer a strategic partnership model with industry leaders for the joint development of tailor-made products based on dedicated silk proteins.