Biosteel® fiber
AMSilk is the first producer of nature based spider silk
fibers in a continous spinning process:
Biosteel® fiber

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Starting with a thorough market analysis including research studies, customer meetings and an established selection process we focus on clearly defined business applications and projects.

AMSilk develops and produces Biosteel® fiber relevant to market need and application. Therefore, our spider silk protein is individually designed by our bioengineers. We follow two major routes: 

High-performance and Premium skin feel

*More than 200.000 bioengineer man hours and know-how have been invested into our products.


I. Biosteel® fibers

  • Powerful, nature-designed and high-performance fibers like no others
  • Soft & smooth fiber with highest skin sensation
  • 100 % vegan and biodegradable

II. Biosteel® finishing 

  • Next generation 100 % nature-based finishing which improves performance and also delivers silky touch, smoothness and moisture management
  • Enriching average surfaces and fabrics to protect against bacterial growth and delivering improved skin fascination as well as high breathability and thus supporting wellbeing and healthiness

Production of Bulk Material

AMSilk has been producing bulk material on a large industrial scale since 2014. Focus has always been on reliable technology and constant results.

*Production of biopolymers runs with bio reactors of more than 50.000 liter capacity.

Fiber Development

In 2011 our first proof of concept filament was developed. In 2013, we presented our first Biosteel® filament. In 2014, we implemented our pilot plant. Since 2015, we have produced customer- and project-driven fibers with established proven parameters.

Our technology is based on German engineering and is supported by leading European Technology Specialists, Textile Engineers and Institutes. To assure best results and safe processes, our Quality Management System is approved by ISO 9001.

*Evolution has worked for 300.000.000 (300 Million) years to develop, optimize and fine tune the spidersilk fiber technology - spiders are an evolutionary success story.


TÜV - ISO 9001 - Our Quality Management System is approved by TÜV-Süd

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I 


The unique performance of Biosteel® fiber offers a wide range of capabilities. The most natural and intelligent ingredient for high-performance applications like:

  • Apparel: High Performance Active Sports Apparel which outperforms natural fiber based products
  • Footwear: Ultimate Active Sports Footwear which enhances speed and endurance
  • Automotive: Premium interior application with outstanding features
  • Home + Interior: New generation of furniture design
  • Technical Textiles: Wide range of unique capabilities applied with Workwear
  • Medical Textiles: Improved everyday comfort, recovery and well-being

Trade Fairs


Biosteel® fibers are 100% nature based biopolymers. Our intelligent fiber is superior due to its combination of strength and elasticity – and at the same time ultralight. This all comes with high skin sensation behavior, controlled moisture management and 100% biodegradablity.

*a spider web made of pencil thick spider silk fibers can catch a fully loaded Jumbo Jet Boeing 747 with a weight of 380 Tons.


Siegfried Winkelbeiner, CEO Schoeller Textil AG:

“As a highly innovative textile company, Schoeller Textil AG has been interested in spider silk for a long time and is also investing in it. Therefore, as CEO of this company I highly welcomed the opportunity to participate in the realization of biotechnologically produced functional silk biopolymers in my function as Member of the Supervisory Board of AMSilk GmbH. The future belongs to sustainable and ethically correct textile products.”

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