Meet us at Pitti Filati (25. – 27. June 2024) and Première Vision (2. – 4. July 2024)!

Meet us at Pitti Filati (25. – 27. June 2024) and Première Vision (2. – 4. July 2024)!

Biotech Munich – AMSilk: Pioneering the future of biomaterials

In today’s fast-changing world, biotechnology is becoming a powerful driver  that can change the way we do things in various industries and society. , Within the next decades biotech is set to bring us many new ways to use biology in practical ways that can boost our economy and open up exciting opportunities for the future.

Innovative Biotech Company AMSilk Sets New Industry Standards

The power of bioengineered materials

Leading the way in this biotech transformation is AMSilk, a forward-thinking biotech company based in Munich, Germany. AMSilk’s goal goes beyond the norm, aiming to build a better and more eco-friendly future by crafting special materials with unique qualities.


Unlocking the potential

AMSilk’s journey to a leading biotech company begins with the exploration of large proteins synthesized through unique biochemical processes. These proteins represent the building blocks of a new generation of materials, characterized by their extraordinary properties and limitless potential.

Cutting-Edge Biotech Company Unveils Breakthrough Research

Our office in Neuried, part of the biotech munich ecosystem, is strategically located in the Southwest of Munich. It’s easy to reach, thanks to its proximity to the A95 and A96 highways and the Fürstenried West subway station. Neuried is a hub for biotech and medical companies, making it an excellent place for collaboration and growth. It’s a dynamic and attractive location that aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation and progress.

Our biotech company is committed to revolutionizing industries with advanced biomaterials.

Crafting Sustainability and Quality

In a time when taking care of the planet is crucial, the biotech Munich team is leading the way by making materials that are not only environmentally friendly but also stand out for their top-notch quality and performance.

Biotech Company in Munich Leads the Way in Sustainable Materials

Our biomaterials are a game-changer. They’re unlike anything you’ve seen before. We’re all about innovation, and that’s why our name stands for “Advanced Materials on Silk Proteins.” We’re here to lead the way in developing biomaterials based on cutting-edge silk proteins.

AMSilk as a biotech company specializes in developing sustainable and high-performance materials.

Biotech Munich - A Thriving Ecosystem for Biotech Innovation

Transforming ideas into reality in our biotech company

At AMSilk, we’re not just thinking about new ideas – we’re making them happen. We’re changing the game in various industries by creating innovative materials. Using special biotechnology processes, we turn synthetic proteins into silk-based materials like hydrogels, powders, and fibers. These materials have a wide range of uses, for the textile or automotive interior industry to consumer goods. products. They outshine traditional materials in terms of being good for the environment and how well they perform. As additives in dish washings for example, they reduce the chemical load of 50 % while providing rinse aid effects.

Biotech Munich - Where Science and Progress Converge

Our inspiration comes from nature itself. We look at the silk proteins of garden cross spiders. With a special process we’ve patented, we teach tiny organisms to make pure silk proteins. The result is a versatile white powder with a silky feel. This powder brings unique qualities to everyday products, from detergents to special repair agents. And it’s the starting point for making all sorts of textile threads, using the same methods that big industries use.

Scaling up for success

Scaling up biotech company innovations can be really tough for most start-ups. AMSilk has spent years learning how to do it successfully and gained a lot of know-how. Now, we’re almost ready to launch the first products made with AMSilk materials. This marks the beginning of a new era for biomaterials.

In conclusion, AMSilk is all about pushing the boundaries of what biomaterials can do. We’re dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and quality, and we play a crucial role in the biotech revolution. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey, where we combine science and nature to make the world a better place. Come and discover the endless possibilities of biotech Munich with AMSilk, a biotech company with a big purpose.