AMSilk offers a wide range of biotech careers for people with different skills and interests

AMSilk’s biotech careers: A sustainable path to innovation

In the constantly changing world of biotechnology, where science and sustainability come together, AMSilk stands out as a great chance for people who want to have meaningful careers in biotech. As the biotech field becomes more and more important worldwide, there is a big need for skilled experts who love science and care about making the future sustainable. Join us on a journey that combines science and sustainability, and discover the fulfilling career opportunities that AMSilk provides in the field of biotechnology.

The biotech jobs landscape

Unlock a world of diverse biotech opportunities with AMSilk. Biotechnology covers many different areas, like genetics, molecular biology, medicines, and the environment. At AMSilk, we have different biotech jobs for people with different skills and interests. We make sure that everyone in our team finds the right job, whether it’s in the early stages of bioprocessing, working in protein development, or in the later downstream processes turning proteins into meaninful industrial applications.

Our biotech careers are all about making a difference in the world

The AMSilk difference

AMSilk stands out in the biotech field because we are deeply committed to innovation. Here, biotech careers involve groundbreaking research and development, using biotechnology to create smart biotech materials.

Biotech careers at AMSilk are not just about new scientific discoveries; they are about helping create a more sustainable future. We strongly believe that sustainability is not just an option but a duty. Improving products and creating a positive impact on the environment across various industries is the purpose of all our efforts. We are always eager to find new applications, where our inventiveness can influence a positive change with biofabricated materials previously unimaginable.Our biotech materials reflect this commitment by providing a more eco-friendly choice compared to traditional materials, all while delivering high-quality performance aspects.

AMSilk is committed to innovation and sustainability in our biotech careers

Developing skills for biotech careers

At the same time, we live up to sustainable leadership: At AMSilk, we believe that helping our employees grow is essential for our joint success. Whether you’re experienced or just starting out: We want you to succeed and make a meaningful difference.

To be excellent in biotech, we need to be dedicated to research and development. When you join AMSilk, you become part of a team that encourages curiosity and innovation. Our innovation lab based in Munich helps you reach your full potential in your biotech job.

We have biotech jobs in a variety of areas, including genetics, molecular biology, medicine, and environmental sustainability

Beyond a job: A greater purpose

Biotech careers at AMSilk go beyond just working in a lab. Through joint developments, we make our customers’ great performing products technologically and ecologically better. By combining our mutual competencies, we create more value for everyone.

Our talented colleagues, working in biotech jobs here in Munich, collaborate to find new solutions and make a true change in many industries worldwide, by harnessing the power of biotechnology. Because we strongly believe that nature has all the answers and our teams come together every day to help create a better and more sustainable future

AMSilk, as one of the pioneers, played a vital role in inventing large structural proteins for products that outperform existing chemical, fossil-based or animal-derived products not only through their optimal relationship between performance and positive environmental impact, but also through the adaptability of multiple benefits to a broad range of meaningful applications. We have also developed a first in class bioengineered process to produce such complex proteins in large bio-industrial plants. Since then, we have grown from a start-up into a well-established, reputable industry partner, leading the way in sustainable innovation.

Our biotech jobs are challenging and rewarding

Bringing sustainability and biotech together

At AMSilk, our products are not like regular materials, they represent sustainability and innovation at their best. These high performance materials come from fermented proteins and mimic the amazing qualities of natural spider silk. At AMSilk we turn man-made proteins into silk formulations including fibers and yarns, sprayable formulations, hydrogels and silk powder for textiles, medical use or consumer goods.

Our silk products don’t have any ingredients from crude oil or animals. Spun into fibers it can be recycled and under aerobic and marine conditions. As they do not include any source of micro plastics there is no microplastic wash out during product life. Our smart biotech materials can be used in many industries, from changing the way we make clothes and interiors making a difference in medical applications, cosmetics or home care products.

Our dedication to sustainability has led us to work with famous brands as well as big names in fashion and cars. These partnerships show our shared commitment to using biomaterials to create a more sustainable future.

We are always looking for talented people to join our team of biotech professionals

What makes AMSilk special

When you join us, you become part of a group that’s always trying to do new and exciting things. Biotech jobs at AMSilk aren’t just about working in labs, they also involve changing existing products for the better. Our biomaterials are important in changing working industries worldwide.

We believe that the way to come up with new and better things is by helping talented people and encouraging them to excel. Whether you’re really good at what you do or just getting started in biotech jobs, we create an environment where you can improve your skills, share your knowledge, and reach your full potential.

Join us in shaping the future

AMSilk welcomes passionate individuals to explore the realm of biotech careers with us. Be a part of a team that is redefining the narrative of biotechnology, where science and sustainability unite to pave the way for a better tomorrow. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality sets the stage for fulfilling biotech jobs that make a significant difference.

As we continue to push the boundaries of biomaterials, we invite you to embark on this journey with us. Discover the limitless possibilities that biotech careers at AMSilk offer, and together, let’s shape the future of biotechnology with a greater purpose. Join AMSilk, and let your biotech career thrive in a sustainable, innovative, and impactful environment.