Meet us at Pitti Filati (25. – 27. June 2024) and Première Vision (2. – 4. July 2024)!

Meet us at Pitti Filati (25. – 27. June 2024) and Première Vision (2. – 4. July 2024)!

AMSilk to present onstage with Airbus at SynBio Markets 2019

AMSilk CEO Jens Klein will share the stage with Detlev Konigorski, Innovation Manager for Emerging Technologies and Concepts at Airbus; to provide key updates on the companies’ existing partnership to develop the new era of composites in the aerospace industry.

Berlin, November 18, 2019

AMSilk CEO Jens Klein will join Detlev Konigorski, onstage today at SynBio Markets 2019. AMSilk and Airbus previously announced a joint cooperation agreement to develop the next generation of composites for aerospace design. At SynBio Markets, Klein and Konigorski will share key insights as they work toward the development of their first prototype.

“Innovation is not only about creating a new technology, it is also crucial to develop the strategic partnerships that will enable them to scale and maximize impact,” said Klein. “I am looking forward to joining Airbus onstage at SynBio Markets, where we will have the chance to discuss our shared vision for the future of materials in the aerospace industry.”

Key points about the AMSilk-Airbus partnership:

  • In recent years, the aerospace industry has shifted from metal and steel
    fuselage and wings to carbon fiber composite materials, primarily in an
    effort to decrease the plane’s weight and save fuel over time.
  • AMSilk’s Biosteel® fiber offers superior flexibility in comparison to carbon fiber, enabling novel design and construction techniques for the planes of the future. One of the goals of aerospace design is the reduction of downtimes of planes because of impacts during flight. Airbus and AMSilk are currently testing if the Biosteel® fiber could be supportive to achieve this.
  • The aim of the two companies’ partnership is to explore new ways to
    approach the design and construction of airplanes, leveraging AMSilk’s bionic high-performance Biosteel® fiber.

SynBio Markets 2019 will take place at Ewerk, located on the grounds of the former Buchhändlerhof in Berlin Mitte, 18-19 November.

About AMSilk

AMSilk is the leading global producer of premium, vegan and biodegradable silk compounds, the building blocks for products ranging from textile fibers to cosmetic ingredients to coatings for medical devices. Founded in 2008 with a mission to provide high-performance silk biopolymers to the world, AMSilk developed a patented, animal-free process to produce raw silk material at scale from bacterial fermentation techniques. AMSilk’s biopolymers are now used by leading companies spanning the medical technology, cosmetics and apparel industries, with future applications targeting the automotive, aerospace, military, and pharmaceutical industries.

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