AMSilk at 2019 Biofabricate Summit

AMSilk CEO Jens Klein to share key updates on the company’s Biosteel silk fibers and key partnerships.

London, December, 2019

AMSilk CEO Jens Klein will present to attendees of the 2019 Biofabricate Summit in London. Klein will address AMSilk’s progress since presenting at the summit last year, highlighting the company’s successful partnership with Omega to produce the first commercially available spider silk watch strap as well as other industry partnerships that establish AMSilk as a leader in the field of biopolymers and biofabrication.

The 2019 Biofabricate Summit will be held at Vinyl Factory Soho in London on Thursday, December 5th. This is the first summit in Europe.

Klein joins an all-star speaker lineup including the North Face VP & GM of Urban Exploration & Mountain Lifestyle Tim Bantle, Modern Meadow CBO Rachel Mears, Colorifix co-founder and CSO Dr. Jim Ajioka, and co-founder and Creative Director at PILI Bio Marie-Sarah Adenis. Together, the 2019 Biofabricate Summit speakers will be showcasing the latest exciting research and products in the biomaterials space.

“Scaling new materials is hard. It requires innovating new materials; identifying market needs; collaborating with global brands to create premium products that capture consumers’ attention; and special expertise necessary to deliver and scale them. I’m grateful for the opportunity to speak at Biofabricate, which provides a much-needed platform for companies like AMSilk to share insights and collaborate with our colleagues in this fast-growing field.”

About AMSilk

AMSilk is the leading global producer of premium, vegan and biodegradable silk compounds, the building blocks for products ranging from textile fibers to cosmetic ingredients to coatings for medical devices. Founded in 2008 with a mission to provide high-performance silk biopolymers to the world, AMSilk developed a patented, animal-free process to produce raw silk material at scale from bacterial fermentation techniques. AMSilk’s biopolymers are now used by leading companies spanning the medical technology, cosmetics and apparel industries, with future applications targeting the automotive, aerospace, military, and pharmaceutical industries.

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