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Every single day, we interact with consumer products in ways that often go unnoticed. From the clothes on our backs to the cars we drive and everything in between, these tangible goods play a vital role in shaping modern society. However, many of these same products are also major contributors to environmental pollution and climate change – something that cannot be ignored if we hope for a sustainable future. Thankfully though, there is reason for optimism: synthetic biology has emerged as an important player when it comes to improving consumer goods. With innovations like sustainable alternative proteins, bioplastics made from renewable resources instead of fossil fuels or animal-free beauty solutions which don’t harm animals during production; synbio offers us new possibilities every day!

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May 24, 2023
1:45 PM-2:30 PM

Slow Fashion, Fast Biology: What Will it Take For Biology to Compete in the Fashion Industry?

The fast-fashion industry is infamous for its unsustainable, exploitative, and environmentally damaging practices. But if bioengineered materials are to become the dominant products in the textile and fashion space, synthetic biology will need to speed up. How can we speed bio-based textile innovation and paths to market while also communicating the value of slowing down? Where are fashion supply chains ripe for disruption? What will it take for synthetic biology materials to be commonplace for consumers?


Our materials help solve the world’s challenges

At AMSilk we develop biofabricated materials based on silk proteins that bridge the apparent gap between performance aspects and unrivalled ecological assessment. Our materials provide the same unique functional properties of the natural product they are based on and yet are vegan, completely biodegradable and solely produced with renewable resources.

With our innovative range of smart-performance materials for a variety of industrial applications we can help make the shift away from fossil based carbon and plastic pollution. Our innovative, nature-based protein materials offer a real solution to the huge challenge of microplastic pollution.

AMSilk biotech material ticks all boxes- Closing the loop - Biotech Company Munich
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Our smart-performing biotech materials

All AMSilk biotech materials are all created with their end of life in mind. Our patented process is based on bacteria, which are fed on renewable raw materials and then virtually reprogrammed to produce spider silk proteins. Gained through a manufacturing process without animal cruelty and petroleum free, these proteins can then be processed into gel or powder as a basis for many consumer goods or spun into textile fibers.


AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life


AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life

100% biodegradable

AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life


AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life


AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life

Safe for the human body

AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life


About AMSilk

AMSilk is the world’s first industrial supplier of smart biotech materials by applying an outstanding technology platform based on silk proteins. AMSilk turns man-made proteins into silk formulations including fiber, hydrogels and silk powder for applications in the textile industry as well as for medical devices and consumer goods. All AMSilk materials are created with an end of life in mind, being completely vegan, biodegradable, using renewable plant-based carbon, with no microplastics.

Our Vision

Making smart biotech materials for everyday is what drives us. We believe that nature has all the answers – and biofabrication as technology can harness this at its best. We’re passionate about making our materials accessible to everyone. We see ourselves as a prime mover to lead this change. We are proud to be able to offer our products to such a wide range of people and industries. Our products are the result of years of research and development, and we are constantly striving to improve them.

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“At AMSilk we believe that nature has all the answers, and this is truly our inspiration. We believe it is simply smart to use renewable plant-based carbon to make biodegradable materials. AMSilk is focused on breaking down boundaries and limitations in many industries. By providing sustainable material alternatives at large quantities we enable our customers to make a true change. “

Ulrich Scherbel

Together we will make a true change

We inspire and empower private organisations to be self-committed to sustainability, through strong governance, partnerships and networks along the supply chain. We can help you to make a true change in your industry. Our protein technology platform also offers many other exceptional innovations for a broad spectrum of applications including fibers, sprayable formulations, hydrogels and silk powders.  We can customize a solution that is perfect for your specific industry needs.

AMSilk - Together we will make a true change in your industry


AMSilk - Together we will make a true change in your industry

Customer Orientation

AMSilk - Together we will make a true change in your industry


AMSilk - Together we will make a true change in your industry


AMSilk - Together we will make a true change in your industry


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