Enhancing bio­compatibility of medical devices

AMSilk enables medical device manufacturers to increase the biocompatibility of existing products and new product innovations. Our silk proteins can be applied as coating on medical devices such as implants or surgical mesh, or used in gel or spray form for wound care and medical skin care amongst many other applications.

Unique medical and functional properties

The AMSilk silk technology is completely safe: our material is non-immunogenic, non-inflammatory, non-toxic and ‘bioharmonic’ for the human body and the immune system. It provides physical functionality only – our products have no pharmacological effect. The AMSilk silk technology has been tested in vitro, in vivo, and in human medical studies, consistently demonstrating excellent biocompatibility.
Thanks to unique physical properties, AMSilk advanced proteins add value to both existing and new products. The advantages range from creating a ‘bioshield’, which results in anti-adhesiveness and reduced inflammation around implants, to wetting properties and a functionality as a compound reservoir. Tailored solutions for our partners improve product performance, giving an increased quality of life to patients and greatly improving surgical outcomes. AMSilk is creating extra value for all stakeholders in the health sector.

Adding value to patients’ lives and surgeons’ work

Medical device coatings

AMSilk coatings can be applied to many different surfaces including silicone, metal, fiber and surgical mesh.


AMSilk gels can be used as wound dressing, for medical skin care, and in hydrogels or cream formulations.


Our silk proteins can be used in dermal fillers, 3D printable structures and many other applications.

Proven excellence

Together with selected partners, AMSilk is changing the status quo in the medical device sector. Devices such as breast implants, surgical mesh, wound dressings, cochlea implants, and biosensors can all be enhanced with the silk polymer technology, either as a replacement for current synthetic materials or in combination with them. The benefits range from better device performance, complete biocompatibility and reduced biofilm formation, to easier handling for surgeons.

Unique material with unique properties

Whether implemented as coating or in gel form, the AMSilk protein offers unique benefits both for existing products or when incorporated in innovative new products. Silk adds completely new advantages whilst in no way altering the functionality of medical devices.
Its functionality is purely physical – our products have no pharmacological effect. The AMSilk silk technology has been tested in vitro and in vivo, as well as in human medical studies.

Anti-adhesive & non-inflammatory

Wetting effect
Increased hydrophilicity & swelling

Compound reservoir
Simple uptake and controlled release

Supporting natural skin regeneration

Innovation needs collaboration

We’ll help you to make a difference in your industry

Collaboration is in our DNA. We offer various collaboration possibilities including existing non-customized products, which enable our partners to make an impact in their industry. Alternatively, clients can opt to become a preferred partner, developing customized products on the basis of our silk proteins in joint R&D projects. We also offer a strategic partnership model with industry leaders for the joint development of tailor-made products based on dedicated silk proteins.