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Silk-based solutions to enhance medical device compatibility and performance

Silk for medical devices

AMSilk provides unique functional biopolymers based on silk polymers to improve design, functionality and performance of medical devices used in procedures and therapies worldwide. One of the main applications for AMSilk’s recombinant silk polymers is implant coating for better biocompatibility and reduced biofilm formation as well as reduced inflammation / fibrosis.
Other applications use various morphologies of the silk polymers to improve handling and clinical profiles in devices such as surgical meshes, wound dressings, electrical implants, as well as orthopedic and dental implants. 


Silicone implants are commonly used in breast augmentation and reconstructive surgery. While silicone is the material of choice, the implants are still recognized by the immune system as foreign to the body. Often, the healing process is impaired, with inflammation occuring in the tissue that surrounds the implant which leads to fibrosis. AMSilk’s implant coating can be applied to any silicone implant, thereby reducing inflammation as well as capsular fibrosis formation.

Application Technology & Development: Experienced, competent and unique. Future oriented innovative solutions are developed in the company's own laboratory.

Similarly, most other implant surfaces can be coated, from metal to synthetic polymers and in most shapes and forms. The homogeneous coating layer is non-covalently bound and thus slowly biodegradable, resistant to most common sterilization methods, and can be applied with tunable thickness.

Other Applications

Devices such as surgical meshes, wound dressings, and biosensors can also be enhanced with the silk polymer technology, either replacing or in combination with existing synthetic materials. The achieved benefits range from better device performance, biocompatibility, reduced biofilm formation to better handling for the surgeon.

Partnership Opportunities

AMSilk is always looking for joint development opportunities in specific medical technology applications such as implant coating and innovative product design with a reasonable time to market. Contact us today to inquire about how we can support you.

Silk is Safe

AMSilk’s silk technology is safe. The material is non-immunogenic, non-inflammatory, non-toxic and “invisible” to the human immune system. No harmful reactions have been reported. Its functionality is purely physical – no pharmacological effect is caused by our products. AMSilk’s silk technology has been tested by several independent laboratories in preclinical studies. Clinical studies are ongoing, further demonstrating the good biocompatibility.

Silk Technology for YOUR Product

AMSilk’s unique and proprietary coating technology is very versatile and we provide strong expertise for integration in large-scale manufacturing processes. Almost any material and any product can be treated or coated with the silk technology. With our sophisticated in-house process facilities and research laboratories, we are experts in developing the appropriate coating technique and application for a specific device and objective. Commonly used coating techniques include dip coating or spraying. The resulting silk coating withstands common sterilization methods as well as common finishing and handling processes. In close cooperation with our customers, our team of medical experts provides support for clinical studies and marketing authorization.

All our polymers used in medical device applications conform to applicable regulatory requirements for such devices and are produced in our certified facilities in a sustainable, cleantech manner that follows principles of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Expert Opinion

Prof. Dr. Hisham Fansa

Co-owner of the Heitmann-Fansa Aesthetic Medicine Practice in Munich. Served as President of the German Society of Woundhealing and -management.

„AMSilk’s coating technology has the potential to be a game changer in the field of implant coating. Being a natural material it is almost invisible to the immune system, resulting in reduced adverse reactions such as inflammation and capsular fibrosis as shown in preclinical trials.”

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