AMSilk biotech materials are already revolutionizing products such as high-performance sports clothing and driving state-of-the-art biomedical developments. Our silk polymer technology platform also offers many other exceptional innovations for a broad spectrum of applications.

The first commercial bionic fiber

The excellent performance of AMSilk fibers has been proven by several global brands

Both inspired by nature and petroleum-free, AMSilk produces nature identical fibers through the use of superior biotechnology. AMSilk is the inventor and tireless innovator of protein-based high tech fibers that are fully recyclable and completely biodegrade at the end of life, leaving no microplastics behind. Performance and environmental integrity.

Coating of medical devices and other products

AMSilk enables medical device manufacturers to enhance the performance of their existing products and to create new innovations. Our silk technology is very versatile, and we offer a high level of expertise on its integration into large-scale manufacturing processes. Virtually any material or product can be treated or coated with our silk technology. Commonly used coating techniques include dip coating or spraying. In close cooperation with our customers, our team of medical experts provides support for clinical studies and marketing authorization.
All of our polymers used in medical device applications conform to applicable regulatory requirements and are produced in our certified facilities in a sustainable, cleantech manner in accordance with the principles of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Silk creates bioharmony around implants

Our silk polymers

AMSilk’s silk polymers display a unique combination of sustainability, performance and biocompatibility. Available silk formulations include fibers, sprayable formulations, hydrogels and silk powder. All products can be manufactured under diverse regulated environments as required, ranging from technical to cosmetic, food and medical grade.
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AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life


AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life

100% biodegradable

AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life


AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life


AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life

Safe for the human body

AMSilk - smart biotech materials for everyday life