Implant Coating

Implant Coating

Silicone implants are commonly used in reconstructive surgery after accidents or breast cancer. While silicone is the material of choice, the implants are still recognized by the immune system as foreign to the body. Often, the healing process is impaired, inflammation of the surrounding tissue follows or thick scar tissue forms around the implant. AMSilk's Implant BioShield-S1 has been shown to reduce the side effects in preclinical studies. BioShield-S1 can be formed as a protective coating around any silicone implant.

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BioShield-S1© Protective Implant Coatings

Additonally, the performance and biocompatibility of already in-use medical devices and implants can be greatly enhanced when coated with BioShield-S1 protective silk protein.

First studies have shown that implants become more easily accepted by the body.

Breast Implant Coatings

Preclinical studies have shown that silicone breast implants are better accepted by the body when coated with BioShield-S1, a special non-immunogenic spider silk film. Specifically, capsular fibrosis and inflammation are significantly reduced.

With increasing use of silicone implants in reconstructive surgery, the need for improved safety of implants is rising.


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