Biosteel Spidersilk Fibers

Biosteel Spidersilk Fibers

AMSilk is developing novel Spidersilk® Fibers: Biosteel®

Over millennia, the spider has improved and refined her silk fiber to create the perfect thread. Her gossamer thread is equal to steel in tensile strength while maintaining the flexibility of rubber. The combination of these two characteristics make the spider’s lightweight thread unequaled.

Applications for Biosteel fibers are boundless. Technical textiles woven from Biosteel fibers will have a durability, lightness and flexibility unmatched by synthetic fibers currently on the market.

AMSilk has an active development program for the world’s first man-made fiber containing 100% spider silk.

On March 11th 2013, AMSilk held a press conference together with the Bavarian Secetary of Economic Affairs and Deputy  Prime Minister, Martin Zeil, to present the first scalable fiber with  mechanical properties similar to natural spider silk. AMSilk will optimize this fiber in its new pilot plant over the next months.