AMSilk has developed a unique process for producing biopolymers such as spider silk on an industrial scale.

Cleantech Biopolymers for High-Tech Products.

Tailor-made materials using the AMSilk®-Technology enable new and superior products with previously unachievable features, spanning multiple industries and applications.


AMSilk advances silicone breast implant coating

New research paper about the coating of silicone implants with recombinant spider silk. AMSilk has completed preclinical testing of its proprietary silicone implant coating made from spider silk.&nbs > more

AMSilk Founder Prof. Thomas Scheibel receives DECHEMA Award

AMSilk’s co-founder Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel receives the 2013 DECHEMA award of the Max-Buchner-Research-Foundation for his work on spider silk. The award will be presented at a special festive event > more

AMSilk starts worldwide distribution of Spidersilk as Cosmetic Ingredient

AMSilk has developed the world’s first industrial manufacturing process for Spidersilk, a protein which is similar to natural spider silk. The biocompatible material is used as building block for supe > more

BioShield-S1 for improved implants and SanaSilk OTC wound care products

Cosmetics products with functional silk for improved skin care

Research kits for cell biology and tissue engineering

High-performance fibers for technical and medical textiles